lead by ar. saurabh mhatre iia,coa & id. anushka contractor, aiiid


AR. SAURABH MHATRE is a trained Architect with a Masters Degree in Urban Design from the prestigious Bartlett School of Architecture, London. His work operates along a broad spectrum of design, from urban planning and architecture to interior and object design.Through innovation and research, his work seeks to find new solutions and alternatives for each project by optimizing both natural and economic resources. The practice works as a team with the end user to ensure the best synthesis of concept, functionality and beauty where life can take shape naturally. He is currently working on a prominent urban project,  a public seafront promenade for the city of Mumbai. He was invited to tutor a studio at the International Design Week 2019 hosted by the University of Antwerp, Faculty of Design Sciences, on the theme of ‘Liminality’. He is currently also conducting a studio in architecture and urban design at Rachana Sansad’s Academy of Architecture.